The Telema Group has always been oriented by three specific Technology, Innovation & Performance drivers that have distinguished its own action.

A solid reputation founded on the maximum reliability and quality of the product range is certified daily by customers who see the Telema Group as an important partner to face the continuous challenges on the global market.

The Telema Group is on the list of the “best suppliers” of the most significant and important global manufacturers of railway vehicles, from trams to subways, from high-frequency trains to high-speed trains.

The reality of the Telema Group can support projects all over the world thanks to a myriad of partner companies located in Europe, North America, China, India, the Far East, Australia, South Africa and Russia. The group boasts thousands of employees and has a turnover of over 200 million euros, which is continuously growing.

For over 40 years the group has dedicated all its resources, human capital, financial investments, research & development to the technological improvement of the product and the growth of the group.

The strong growth was achieved thanks to a diversification of the portfolio of companies belonging to the Telema Group, and to the creation of specific business units dedicated to:


  • Inverter Braking & Motor Control Resistors

  • Load Banks

  • Resistance Grounding Systems

  • Braking Resistors

  • Harmonic Filter Resistors

  • Surge Suppressors

  • Fans & Cooling Systems

The main strengths points of the Telema Group are:

  • Focus on Innovation, Speed ​​& Adaptability with a strong orientation to customer needs;
  • Flexibility, Research & Development aimed at finding optimal and highly customized solutions;
  • Entrepreneurial Approach, passionate about facing new challenges with dedication and determination;
  • Control of all internal processes, with metrics and performance analysis.
Telema Group, Technology, Innovation & Performance at the service of the global market.


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