In its current developments, Tesio Cooling Systems offers a whole range of solutions for specific needs in the THERMAL DEVELOPMENT sector.
Strongly oriented in the B2B sector, distinctive of a high customization of specific products on customer request, the company is characterized by the standards achieved and the excellent recognition of customer satisfaction levels.

The company operates through the "Plate & Bars" production technology, with vacuum-brazed masses in a Vacuum oven: this technology allows the creation of small-medium-large radiant masses, thus guaranteeing large dimensional freedom and numerical flexibility.

Strengths of this type of specialization:

  • Braising without fluxing intake that ensures a final cleaning of the water/oil circuit

  • Production possibilities in small series

  • Great resistance to high operating pressures up to 80-100 bars

Tesio Cooling Systems stands out for its high reputation worldwide. Our customers, all primary brands in the railway and off road-vehicle production sector, confirm the outstanding company performance achieved through continuous requests.

The typical application sectors of Tesio Cooling Systems products are:

  • Train

  • Subway

  • Tram

  • Off-road Construction Machine

  • Off-road Agricultural Machine

The strong corporate specialization in the THERMAL SECTOR focuses on two specific business lines, COOLING and AIR CONDITIONING SECTOR, each of which is distinct in different typical sectors.

The COOLING sector

is characterized by three product lines:

1. Cooling Units, for Railway & Off-road vehicle sector;

2. Radiators, with “Plate & Bars” technology, brazed in a vacuum oven, for the Railway & Off-road vehicle sector;

3. Liquid Cold Plates, made through our specific brazing technology, for various fields of application.


is specializes in the design and industrialization of:

1.Complete Air Conditioning system for the off-road vehicle sector.

2.Complete Air Conditioning system for the railway sector.

3. Complete Air Conditioning system for the electric vehicle battery sector.

A third line of products focuses on the CARPENTRY, of small and medium size, derived from metal sheet. This activity, in addition to supporting the core activities of Thermal projects, represents an opportunity for our customers who see Tesio Cooling Systems as a qualified partner for dealing with projects in the sectors:

1. Railway;

2. Off-road vehicle;

3. Elevator.

The company is equipped with know-how, processes and equipment that allow it to face the continuous challenges of the sector with timeliness and professionalism. From the calculation of the heat exchange to the realization of the prototype, from the mechanical and thermal tests, to the serial realization of the articles, Tesio Cooling Systems is organized to cope with the most challenging requests.